20 October 2017

A sister act

 Yesterday Mt. Battie looking down at Camden, Maine harbor

and today Bar Harbor looking down from Cadillac Mountain at the cruise ships in the harbor.

Then on to making Paste Paper in the little Art Greenhouse

Does she NOT look just like me?



Susan and below a "fake" smacker on dry paper

18 October 2017


Two things happened yesterday. I found my birth mother and a half sister and brother. My sister is here visiting me and we have met for the first time. VERY exciting.

I was also able to buy one of Laura Kemshall's portraits of her daughter Amelie. I have hung it next to the work "Bluebell Wood" by her mother Linda.

16 October 2017

A Followers Work

This past week "Jody" won the Mickie Lawler DVD. In the course of emailing back and forth she sent along some photos of her work dyeing with red, yellow and blue. Remember my lemonade? 

Well these are her results and I have to say they were WAY better than mine.

The fabric itself has a lovely drape and soft appearance. Great job Jody!!

13 October 2017

Another sketch book

This sketch book is for my granddaughter, Adrian, who attends Moore college of Art and Design in Philadelphia. She will be 20 and I have started what I hope will be a practice of making her a new sketch book each birthday. 

11 October 2017

Lemonade completed

Do you remember this ugly fabric from last month. I cut it up and made a Rail Fence quilt from it. Well I just finished it with two more borders, batting, and free motion quilting. It has already been sent to Brunswick to PuppyLoveME to be auctioned off or sold outright at next years fund raising event. Over the winter I will (hopefully) make 2 more lap quilt for the pups!!

09 October 2017

Midsummer Maine 2018

A sneak preview of a new series of workshops coming to Mid Coast Maine June 22, 23, 24th 2018

Midsummer is an important holiday in Scandinavia and Europe. We will be celebrating the longest day of the year, summer solstice, by having three days of workshops centered on mark making. We will start the weekend making a book by hand then develop  tools we will use to make marks with ink and stitch in fiber and paper. The main goal of the weekend is for our imaginations and creativity to go places we have never been. New ideas and concepts about mark, stitch, and design will be plumbed as we each use these new found ideas as springboards for creativity.

Throughout the winter I will be posting examples of avenues we will be exploring. This may be the time to expand your mind around design and creativity.

06 October 2017

DVD winner

The winner is Jody

Looks like you had fun! Love Mickey Lawler's fabrics as well.

Please use the contact form below and send your full name and address.

Indigo Shibori dyes

Here are a few scarves I made using shibori in the indigo vat. The scarves are all infinity scarves in buttery rayon. They are all a generous 21.5" X 77" and they for sale for $25. plus a few dollars shipping. Just leave me a comment if you are interested.

This is a waterfall jacket in rayon in an XL. It would fit anyone. It was snow dyed, then indigo dyed on my vent pipe then submerged in the indigo vat; so it was dyed 3 times. It's looking pretty interesting. It is $30. plus postage. sold

04 October 2017

Something special for you.

Leave a comment to win this great DVD.

The winner will be chosen on October 7th 

And here are a few more photos from the Maine Event

02 October 2017

Show and Tell

Saturday night is the night we share an evening meal and carrot cake followed by show and tell. We have done this every year since we started in 2010. It seems we were all very interested in eating and not taking photos of the food and all 17 of us at our table. Here are some show and tell photos.

Michele O'Neil Kinkaid and her quilt with assistance from Ann Turner

These were both Ann Turner's quilts

MaryAnn Gallagher

Paulette Martel with her felted pods. Very cool!

Carol Owen with her book "Heartfelt" which was recently published

Janice Jones (below)

and her husband, David's oil painting below. He currently has 2 exhibitions going in Paris.

Jodi Scaltreto and her lovely watercolor

                                                   Anne Standish above and below

The last three are Margaret Sheehan's work. I know one is in a show soon.